Tips for Caring for An Older Dog with Arthritis

There are many health problems that old furred friends have. The most common one is arthritis. The pains in the joints are mainly caused by a deficiency of glucosamine, which is important for normal functioning on the bones. Therefore, it is important for you as the caregiver to ensure that your animal is comfortable and he enjoys his/her golden years. The guidelines below will help you care for an older dog with arthritis.


You should closely monitor the food that your animal takes every day. This is because arthritic dogs require special diets. The animal should not be given carbohydrates and the amount of proteins should be reduced. You should also reduce treats given to your animal. If your animal is overweight, then you should ensure that its body weight is controlled to avoid further bone problems.

Arthritis Supplements

Your pet will need supplements to give joint support so that he/she can be more comfortable. Usually, animals are offered glucosamine supplements to make up for the deficiency of this substance in the body. Cosequin is also prescribed as it is good for connective tissues and bones. In addition, the furred friend should be given minerals and vitamins supplements to boost their immune system and prevent viruses and other disease.

Ensure your pet gets better sleep

Every animal benefits from better and adequate sleep. Usually, lying on cold and hard surfaces may worsen the disease. To reduce the pain, you should contemplate on buying an orthopedic bed for your furred friend. These types of beds are designed in manner that balances the weight of the dog to relieve pressure from the joints.

Exercise Your Pet

exercise your petEnsure that you exercise your animal. A regular workout routine will strengthen the cartilage and muscles leading to healthier joints. Walking or playing with your pet every day increases the flow of blood throughout the body. Be careful with exercises that can cause additional pain or stress on the pet. Animals that have severe arthritis should be offered lighter activities.

Give extra TLC

It is important that you give your arthritic pet extra attention and tender loving care. You can significantly reduce their joint pains by raising their dishes from the floor to prevent them from bending too much. You should also provide a ramp for your pet to get into vehicles or on truck. Show your animal lots of love and do not make him/her feel like a burden to you.

Visit the Veterinarian Regularly

Knowing your dog has arthritis is an important step because it will enable you to give him/her the care that he/she needs. In addition, you will give him/her the required medication. However, you should also visit the veterinary doctor regularly. This will enable him to check your animal to see whether the drugs are effective or not.

Arthritis pain is quite stressful for furred friends. However, pet owners can reduce this pain by ensuring that their animals are comfortable at all times. Being aware of your animals sleeping arrangements, exercise routines, and diets can help pet owners to enhance the quality of life for older dog with arthritis.

Best Methods for Pain Relief for Your Dogs

If you are having a dog in middle age, there are chances for it to suffer from the dreadful arthritis pain. The joints can pain very badly that your dog may not be able to get involved in all the activities without problems. Joint pain can make life miserable for the dog due to the stiffness and inflammation created by it. There are many other conditions that can result in joint pain in the dogs. It is necessary for you to understand why exactly your dog is going through that pain. Lyme disease, injury, cancer, panosteitis and also hip as well as elbow dysplasia are the various conditions that can result in severe joint pain for the dogs. You should better consult your vetnary doctor to find exactly what the problem of your dog is and also to find out the best treatment available for curing this pain. There are various methods available that can be used for making the joint pain of your dog get reduced to a better way so that the dogs can come to their normal life. Knowing about these treatments and implementing them for your dog can make the pain for dogs reduced drastically.

Exercising and Weight Loss

pain relief for dogsIf your dog is having arthritis and it is suffering from severe joint pain because of that, the best solution is to make the dog come into good shape. Most of the dog owners feed their dog so well that most of them become obese. The lack of time for home owners also can contribute to the obesity in dogs. They become so big in size which is not good for their overall health. Overweight can expect much pressure on the joints of the dogs. The best exercises that can suit the dogs include walking, running and swimming. These activities can make the muscles get strengthen which can replace the weaker joint’s.

Prescription Muscles

There are many medicines available in the market that can help in decreasing the joint pain of your dog. You cannot just get any medication and give to your dog but first consult a vet for your dog and then find out the perfect medication that is available in the market that can solve the pain of the dog. NSAIDs that include Rimadly or Deramaxx is first considered by the physicians for the pain. If these are not working then they may suggest adequan injections for your digs so that the joint pain can be decreased well. These injections can act in the form of greater lubrication for the joints that are creaky and create so much pain for you. This also can help your dog to recover fast from the pain on the joints.

Natural Remedies

Chrondroitin glucosamine can be considered as a better standard of the medicine that can be made used for reducing the pain of the joints for your dog. This is available in chewable form so that your dog can easily take it and get the pain reduced fast. Omega 3 acids can also be much helpful in reducing the pain as they can act as a great supplement for anti inflammatory effects. These can also act so well with the skin and coat. They can make the dog get a better look in all means. You can find that your dog is getting better everyday in all the aspects.


It is good for maintaining a perfect diet for your dog than just allowing it has anything that it wish. Grains should be avoided from the diet of the dog as it can increase inflammation. It is better to encourage your dog to have food items that are grain free, raw and higher in the protein content. Protein is necessary for the growth of the muscles and also can help the dogs to get the necessary energy required for taking part in various day today activities.

Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic

There are so many dogs available that can easily get benefitted by the process of canine massage, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment. The things that you need to do are find the right practitioner so that your dog gets benefitted out of the treatment in a better way.